BamBam Profile

BamBam Profile


BamBam, a renowned K-pop artist known for his versatile talents and charismatic presence. As a member of the celebrated group GOT7 and a successful solo artist, BamBam has carved a unique niche in the global music scene.


BamBam, born Kunpimook Bhuwakul, began his journey as a member of the globally acclaimed K-pop group GOT7.


Stepping into a solo career with ABYSS Company, BamBam showcased his distinct flair and creativity through his solo debut “riBBon” in June 2021.

Achievements and Legacy

BamBam has distinguished himself with his solo endeavors, extending his artistic reach and solidifying his place in the K-pop world.


BamBam’s fans, part of the ‘Ahgases’ community, have fervently supported his transition from GOT7 to a solo icon, echoing his growing influence.

BamBam Profile


Multilingual Artist

Fluent in Thai, Korean, and English, BamBam’s linguistic skills enhance his global appeal.

Fashion Forward

Known for his impeccable fashion sense, BamBam often collaborates with top designers.

Social Media Prodigy

With a significant presence on platforms like Instagram, BamBam keeps fans engaged and connected.

Versatile Performer

BamBam’s talents extend beyond singing to dancing, rapping, and charismatic stage presence.

Cultural Ambassador

As a Thai artist in the Korean music scene, BamBam bridges cultures, bringing a unique perspective to his music and performances.

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