Bad Bunny Makes The Leap To The Big Screen With Marvel

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Already having conquered the music industry, Bad Bunny is taking the next step in his career – leaping from the stage to the silver screen in a single bound for El Muerto for Marvel. Based in the Spider-Man universe, El Muerto is being made by Sony, the same studio that produced Morbius and both Venom adventures.

As we learned from Spider-Man: No Way Home, just because Sony owns a character, that doesn’t mean they won’t end up in the MCU. More importantly, El Muerto is another step by movie studios to create better representation in their products.

Taking the role makes Bad Bunny the first Latino to lead a Marvel film. It is also the first Marvel live-action movie that will focus on a Latinx character.

So, who is the character El Muerto? In the comics, he’s Juan Carlos Sanchez, a wrestler whose mask gives him supernatural endurance and strength. In his introduction to the comics, he wrestled Spider-Man in a match for charity.

The news that Bad Bunny has been cast as the comic book wrestler isn’t surprising. This past year he made his WWE debut at Wrestlemania. He’s also dipped his toes in the world of acting with the role of Kitty on Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico.

Anyone unfamiliar with Bad Bunny will get a chance to see him in his first major starring role alongside Brad Pitt in Bullet Train later this year. That highly anticipated film also stars Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Bryan Tyree Henry, and Joey King.

Bad Bunny also has no plans to leave the music world behind. Earlier this week he used a classified ad to announce his latest album, Un Verano Sin Ti, scheduled to come out later this year.


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