Arcade Fire Continues New Music Tease By Sending Postcards To Fans

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In 2020, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler spoke with super-producer Rick Rubin on his Broken Records podcast. During the interview he revealed that there was upwards of two to three albums worth of new Arcade Fire material written:

“We had been writing for a year and were doing our first session towards the record when COVID came down. I’ve just been writing like I can’t remember a time where I’ve written more.”

Then, last year, the band released a new single – a 45-minute epic titled “Memories of the Age of Anxiety.” That track was used for a meditation and sleep app. But what about new, more easily consumable music from the band?

What happened to two to three albums worth of written material? It could finally be on the way!

Fans of the band have been receiving postcards in the mail, postcards that were teased by the band with images in a social media post. Now that the postcards have arrived, loyal fans are trying to put the pieces of the new music puzzle together. Each postcard, you see, contains written staves or musical notes with the text “we miss you” and the hand-drawn illustration of an eye (the band’s current social media profile picture).

After receiving enough postcards, one fan was able to start playing a little of the music, although it’s unclear whether it’s a new song by Arcade Fire or something else.

We know new music exits, as Butler told Rubin, “Once your body’s already going, there’s no stopping it, so I’ve just been writing. I can’t remember a time when I’ve written more. [It] feels like being 18, sitting by the piano for five days in a row working on a melody for a verse. It’s been pretty amazing actually.”





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