Apink Embraces Festive Elegance in ‘Pink Christmas’ Concept Photos

'Pink Christmas' Unveils Apink in Red Velvet for Holiday Season

Apink Embraces Festive Elegance in 'Pink Christmas' Concept Photos


Apink, the beloved K-pop girl group, has unveiled their enchanting concept photos for their upcoming winter holiday carol release, ‘Pink Christmas. Capturing the essence of the holiday season, the members are seen radiating festive vibes in elegant red velvet dresses. The teaser images depict a perfect blend of classic charm and contemporary style, fitting for their first-ever winter holiday carol.

The theme of ‘Pink Christmas’ is beautifully encapsulated in these concept photos, portraying a classic holiday party in a vibrant shade of red. This single album is set to bring a fresh wave of holiday cheer, adding to the group’s versatile discography.

The production of ‘Pink Christmas’ features the creative touch of ALYSA and Phil Schwan among others. Adding a personal element to the album, members Eunji and Namjoo have contributed as lyricists, infusing the songs with their unique artistic flair. The highly anticipated release is scheduled for December 11 KST.

Fans are invited to immerse themselves in the festive spirit with Apink’s latest concept photos, which offer a glimpse into the group’s holiday-themed project. ‘Pink Christmas’ promises to be a delightful musical treat, capturing the warmth and joy of the season.

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