Alice Cooper Promises To Rock On His Next Two Albums

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images



Wanna rock? Alice Cooper does. And while he’s not the usual kind of artist I would cover here at Idolator, the part of me that loves to turn up the volume to 11 just couldn’t help himself today.

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper announced that he is working on two new albums – his 29th and 30th. The head-banging news comes less than a year after he released his 28th album.

Being interviewed on the Sirius show Trunk Nation, the ageless icon revealed:

“I’m working on two albums right now. One is… totally written, and we’ll be doing bed tracks for that one pretty soon. The other one is just a touch in the future, but that’s being written right now too… They’re two entirely different kinds of albums, but they’re Alice Cooper, pure rock’n’roll albums. The two albums will really be hard rock albums.”



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