ZEROBASEONE’s Captivating Debut in Japan with ‘Yura Yura – Flower of Destiny’

ZEROBASEONE's Visual Splendor in Japanese Debut Teasers

ZEROBASEONE's Captivating Debut in Japan with 'Yura Yura - Flower of Destiny'


The boy group ZEROBASEONE is set to make a striking entrance in Japan with their first single album ‘Yura Yura – Flower of Destiny. Scheduled for release on March 20, the album includes the original Japanese song “Yura Yura – Flower of Destiny”, and Japanese versions of “In Bloom” and “Crush”.

On February 1 JST, ZEROBASEONE unveiled their first concept teasers for the upcoming single, featuring members Zhang Hao, Kim Gyu Vin, and Han Yu Jin in visually captivating images.

Fans can look forward to more teasers throughout the month, as anticipation builds for ZEROBASEONE’s debut in Japan. Following the album’s release, the group will also host their first fan-concert in Japan at the K-Arena Yokohama from March 23-24.

This debut marks a significant milestone for ZEROBASEONE as they expand their reach to the Japanese music scene, promising a blend of captivating visuals and musical talent that is sure to enchant fans both new and old.

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