ZEROBASEONE Previews ‘MELTING POINT’ MV with a Heartwarming Teaser

Anticipation Peaks with ZEROBASEONE's 'MELTING POINT' MV Teaser Reveal

ZEROBASEONE Previews 'MELTING POINT' MV with a Heartwarming Teaser


With the release of their music video “MELTING POINT” just around the corner, ZEROBASEONE has stirred the hearts of fans with a D-1 teaser that promises to thaw the chilliest of days. The ‘Boys Planet’ project group took to social media with a captivating clip and a message that reads, “Get ready to melt with us.”

The brief yet impactful video snippet shares a taste of the title track, featuring a voice that croons the lines “Why are you so good” in Korean against a backdrop of snow transforming into water. The teaser culminates with a cascade of red heart emojis and a whispering invitation: “Let’s meet tomorrow,” setting the stage for the full music video premiere.

The anticipation for “MELTING POINT” has been building steadily since the eponymous B-side track and the 2nd mini album dropped on November 6. With over 2 million copies sold in just the first week, the album’s success is a clear indicator of ZEROBASEONE’s rising prominence in the K-pop sphere. Keep your eyes peeled for the “MELTING POINT” music video, set to charm viewers on November 20.


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