Wendy Unveils Enigmatic Poster for Her Upcoming Album ‘Wish You Hell’

Red Velvet's Wendy Returns with a Solo Mini Album After Three Years

Wendy Unveils Enigmatic Poster for Her Upcoming Album 'Wish You Hell'


Red Velvet’s renowned vocalist Wendy is gearing up for an enthralling solo comeback, as she reveals the official poster for her 2nd mini album, ‘Wish You Hell.’ The return marks her first solo project in three years, creating a buzz among fans and music enthusiasts alike.

The intriguing poster features an array of chairs and a zig-zagged string spread across a stark white room. Adding a layer of mystery, a heart is intricately drawn on a blackboard, with elements of a graph interwoven in its design. This captivating imagery has set the internet abuzz, as fans eagerly dissect its possible meanings and hints about the album’s theme.

Set to release on March 12 at 6 PM KST, ‘Wish You Hell’ promises to showcase Wendy’s musical evolution and artistic depth.

Wendy Unveils Enigmatic Poster for Her Upcoming Album 'Wish You Hell' 002

This album is highly anticipated, given Wendy’s celebrated vocal prowess and her ability to connect deeply with listeners through her music. The title ‘Wish You Hell’ itself suggests a bold and unconventional approach, further heightening the excitement for what’s to come.

As the countdown to the release begins, the music world waits with bated breath for Wendy’s new chapter. With her track record of delivering powerful and emotive music, ‘Wish You Hell’ is poised to be a significant addition to her already impressive discography. Stay tuned for more updates as Wendy prepares to take the music scene by storm once again.

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