VANNER’s “CAPTURE THE FLAG” Marks a New Milestone

VANNER's Evolution in the K-Pop Scene

VANNER's "CAPTURE THE FLAG" Marks a New Milestone


VANNER, the K-Pop group renowned for their debut hit ‘Peak Time,’ is back to charm fans with their new release, ‘CAPTURE THE FLAG.’ Ahead of their album launch on January 30 KST, the members gathered at a café in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, to discuss their latest work and the journey they have embarked upon.

Gaining significant attention after winning JTBC’s ‘Peak Time’ in April 2023, VANNER’s blend of impeccable skills and strong teamwork has resonated with fans and the public alike. Their debut mini-album, released in August, saw impressive sales of 110,000 copies in its first week, and their inaugural fan concert in October was a sell-out success.

Seongguk, a member of VANNER, delves into the new album’s concept: “This album continues the narrative from our last. While our previous work was about starting a journey, ‘CAPTURE THE FLAG’ represents young people’s adventurous spirit, like playing a game and hitting the jackpot. We aim to highlight VANNER’s spirited and carefree side.”

The album’s title track, “JACKPOT,” features VANNER’s most intricate and physically demanding choreography to date. Moving beyond their refreshing charisma, the group is now set to showcase sensuality and sophistication. Hyesung and Taehwan express their commitment to elevating VANNER’s performance and live skills, focusing on perfecting their sharp group dance.

VANNER’s path to fame was not without its challenges. Before their ‘Peak Time’ success, members balanced part-time jobs with late-night rehearsals, driven by their dream of performing on stage. Their mutual trust and reliance were key to overcoming these hurdles.

Gon reflects on the team dynamics, emphasizing respect and consideration as foundational to their group’s cohesion. He credits Taehwan for setting a respectful tone, fostering a close bond that has seen them through tough times.

Now celebrating their fifth anniversary since debuting in 2019, VANNER has transitioned from relative obscurity to gaining public recognition. Gon articulates the fulfillment of being an idol, attributing it to the support of staff, growing fan love, and the group’s passion for their art.

As VANNER releases ‘CAPTURE THE FLAG,’ they stand at a pivotal moment in their career, ready to continue their journey in the K-Pop industry with renewed vigor and a deeper understanding of their artistic identity.

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