TXT’s Exciting Updates: Physical CD Release and Jonas Brothers Collab Remix

Discover the Latest News for "Do It Like That" Single

TXT's Exciting Updates: Physical CD Release and Jonas Brothers Collab Remix


Get ready for the latest updates from TXT! Find out about the release of their physical CD version and a brand-new remix featuring the Jonas Brothers. Stay tuned for surprises coming in August!

TXT has exciting news to share with their fans! They have unveiled new updates for their collaboration with the Jonas Brothers on the single “Do It Like That.” These developments are sure to generate even more excitement around this highly-anticipated release.

In a surprising announcement, BIGHIT MUSIC revealed that TXT will be releasing a physical CD version of their new digital single. Fans can now pre-order the CD, with orders starting on July 15. The CD will be available for purchase on August 4, giving fans the opportunity to own a physical copy of this incredible collaboration.

But that’s not all! TXT will also be releasing a brand-new “Jersey Club Remix” of “Do It Like That.” This remix, featuring the Jonas Brothers, will add a fresh and unique twist to the already popular track. It showcases the group’s versatility and their ability to create captivating music across different genres.

The anticipation doesn’t stop there. TXT has hinted at more surprises to come in August, keeping fans eagerly awaiting what’s in store. The group has been making waves worldwide, with their previous release “Do It Like That” reaching the top of the iTunes Top Songs charts in numerous regions. Additionally, TXT is set to make history as the first K-pop group ever to headline the renowned U.S. music festival, Lollapalooza. Fans can look forward to an unforgettable performance, possibly including new, unreleased songs, on August 5.

Stay tuned for more updates on TXT’s exciting journey with “Do It Like That” and get ready to be captivated by their talent, creativity, and dedication. The surprises that lie ahead are sure to surpass expectations and leave a lasting impact.

Remember to mark your calendars for the release of the physical CD on August 4 and be prepared to groove to the “Jersey Club Remix” on July 19. The countdown to more exciting moments with TXT has begun. Don’t miss out on this incredible musical journey.

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