TXT Exudes Style in Teaser Photos for Upcoming Album ‘The Name Chapter: Freefall’

Unveiling Chic Charisma: TXT Releases Teaser Photos for Third Album

TXT Exudes Style in Teaser Photos for Upcoming Album 'The Name Chapter: Freefall'


TXT, the popular K-pop ensemble, recently unveiled teaser photos showcasing their chic charisma for the upcoming third full-length album titled ‘The Name Chapter: Freefall’. These images highlight the group’s distinctive visual style and allure, stirring excitement and anticipation among fans for the album’s imminent release.

In the released teaser photos, TXT members are seen displaying their stylish allure and unique charm, embodying the concept for ‘The Name Chapter: Freefall’. The images perfectly encapsulate the cohesive and captivating aesthetic that TXT is celebrated for, providing fans with a glimpse into the visual theme of the forthcoming album.

The group’s third album, ‘The Name Chapter: Freefall’, is scheduled for release on October 13 KST. With the release date fast approaching, the excitement continues to build among the TXT fanbase and the wider K-pop community. Fans should keep an eye out for additional teasers and updates as the album launch draws nearer!

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