TWS’s Chart-Topping Debut with ‘Sparkling Blue’

TWS Soars to New Heights with 'Sparkling Blue' Success

TWS's Chart-Topping Debut with 'Sparkling Blue'


In a spectacular entrance to the music landscape, TWS has emerged as a dominant force with their debut, immediately clinching the number one spot on the album charts. Touted as the year’s most highly anticipated new artists, TWS’s explosive arrival has exceeded expectations and set new benchmarks.

According to the esteemed Hanteo Chart, known for its accurate album sales data, TWS’s inaugural mini-album ‘Sparkling Blue’ achieved an astounding milestone. On its release day, it sold a remarkable 206,240 copies, earning the title of the ‘daily best-selling physical album’ as of January 22 KST. This phenomenal feat exemplifies the group’s instant appeal and the palpable excitement surrounding their debut.

But TWS’s impact doesn’t stop at album sales. Their music has resonated across various charts, creating ripples in the industry. An hour after its release, each track of ‘Sparkling Blue’ found its way onto Melon’s ‘Hot 100’ chart, a significant achievement on a leading domestic music platform. The album’s lead single, “Plot Twist”, reached the 26th position on the chart, showcasing its enduring popularity as of 10 a.m. on January 23 KST.

The group’s influence extends to international shores as well. As of January 22, ‘Sparkling Blue’ made an impressive entry on iTunes’ ‘Top Album’ chart in 11 different countries and regions. Notably, the album topped the charts in Thailand and India and marked its presence in countries like Japan, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Turkey. The title track “Plot Twist” resonated globally, charting on iTunes’ ‘Top Song’ chart in six countries and regions, while “Unplugged Boy” also made an impact on the same chart in three countries and regions.

TWS’s debut is not just a release; it’s a declaration of their presence and potential in the music world. Their remarkable journey from debut to chart domination signals the birth of a new powerhouse in the music industry, promising more thrilling developments in the days to come.

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