TNX Gears Up for a Thrilling Spring Comeback with Chun Junhyeok

TNX's Exciting Return: A Spring of New Releases and Activities

TNX se prepara para um emocionante retorno de primavera com Chun Junhyeok


Spring is set to be an electrifying season for K-pop fans as THE NEW SIX (TNX) prepares for a much-anticipated comeback. P Nation, the powerhouse behind TNX, ignited excitement among fans with the announcement on February 1 that Chun Junhyeok is ending his hiatus and will join the group for this upcoming season.

In a move that promises to reinvigorate the K-pop scene, TNX is preparing to release a digital single in March, setting the stage for their larger-scale return with a mini album slated for release in May. This strategic rollout of music content underscores TNX’s commitment to delivering high-quality, engaging music to their growing fanbase.

In addition to their music releases, TNX is also officially resuming their activities with the launch of their variety content ‘THE NEW Things’, which is releasing on February 2 KST. This variety show is expected to offer fans a closer look at the members’ personalities and dynamics, further solidifying their connection with the audience.

As the K-pop community buzzes with anticipation, TNX’s spring comeback is shaping up to be a highlight of the season. With Chun Junhyeok’s return adding an extra layer of excitement, TNX is poised to capture the hearts of fans old and new with their fresh releases and engaging content. This spring comeback not only marks a new chapter for TNX but also reaffirms their status as a dynamic and evolving force in the world of K-pop.

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