TIOT’s Dual Charm: ‘Kick’ and ‘Start’ Teasers Signal Debut

Fresh Faces, Bold Statements: TIOT Unveils Debut Teaser Images

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TIOT's Dual Charm: 'Kick' and 'Start' Teasers Signal Debut


Introducing TIOT, the dynamic new entrants poised to make waves in the fifth generation of K-pop. As they gear up for their maiden voyage in the music scene, TIOT has begun laying the groundwork with a creative showcase of their dual-concept aesthetics. Across April 10 and 11, the boys presented fans with a peek into their style duality through the ‘Kick’ and ‘Start’ teaser images for their upcoming mini-album ‘Kick-START’.

Capturing the essence of “geek chic”, the ‘Kick’ version presents the ensemble—Kim Minseong, Kum Junhyeon, Hong Keonhee, Choi Woojin, and Shin Yechan—in vibrant hues that exude youthful exuberance. Switching gears, the ‘Start’ version flips the narrative to a more intense aura, where the group’s edgier side is foregrounded against a sleek black backdrop, hinting at the diverse artistic range they are set to offer.

Mark your calendars for April 22 at 6 PM KST, when TIOT will officially step into the spotlight with the release of ‘Kick-START’. This initial foray promises not only to introduce their individual and collective charms but also to set the tone for their future in the competitive K-pop industry.

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