TEMPEST Gears Up for a Grand Comeback with 5th Mini Album

TEMPEST's Exciting Roadmap to Their New Musical Era

TEMPEST Gears Up for a Grand Comeback with 5th Mini Album


TEMPEST, the vibrant force in the K-pop scene, is all set to make a grand return with their 5th mini album. In preparation for this highly anticipated comeback, the group has unveiled a comprehensive promotion scheduler, laying out an exciting roadmap to their new musical chapter.

As per the released scheduler, TEMPEST’s fans, eagerly awaiting new music, can look forward to a series of captivating concept photos. These visuals will precede the release of the album’s tracklist and a lyric poster, both of which are expected to offer glimpses into the themes and styles of the upcoming album.

TEMPEST Gears Up for a Grand Comeback with 5th Mini Album 002

In addition to these teasers, a highlight medley is also on the schedule, promising a sneak peek into the diverse soundscapes that the album will offer. The culmination of this promotional journey will be the album release, an accompanying music video, and a special comeback showcase, all scheduled for March 11 KST.

TEMPEST’s upcoming mini album marks a significant milestone in their career, as fans eagerly anticipate the group’s evolution in sound and artistic expression. The detailed scheduler hints at a well-planned and exciting comeback, building anticipation with each scheduled release.

Stay tuned as TEMPEST embarks on this thrilling journey towards their 5th mini album release. The anticipation is palpable, and the K-pop world is ready to embrace what promises to be a groundbreaking addition to TEMPEST’s musical repertoire.

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