TAEMIN’s ‘GUILTY’ Achieves Record-Breaking Sales Among SHINee Solos

TAEMIN's 'GUILTY' Takes the Crown in SHINee's Solo Album Sales

TAEMIN's 'GUILTY' Achieves Record-Breaking Sales Among SHINee Solos


TAEMIN has etched his name in the annals of K-pop history with his monumental fourth mini album ‘GUILTY.’ Since its release on October 30, ‘GUILTY’ has soared to the pinnacle of commercial triumph, marking a new zenith in TAEMIN’s illustrious solo journey, spanning over half a decade.

SHINee Charts (@shineecharts on platform X) heralds ‘GUILTY’ as the best-selling solo album from a SHINee member, with a staggering 253,142 copies sold on this week’s Circle Album Chart. This remarkable achievement has seen TAEMIN eclipse the long-standing record previously held by JONGHYUN’s ‘Poet | Artist,’ an album cherished by fans for five years.

‘GUILTY’ not only cements TAEMIN’s legacy within SHINee but also underscores his enduring influence as a solo artist, reinforcing his position as a K-pop luminary.

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