Stray Kids Triumphs on Billboard 200 with ‘Rock(樂)-STAR’

Stray Kids' Chart-Topping Continuity on U.S. Billboard

Stray Kids Triumphs on Billboard 200 with 'Rock(樂)-STAR'


Stray Kids continues to dominate the international music scene, as evident from their latest achievements on the U.S. Billboard charts. Their mini-album, ‘Rock(樂)-STAR,’ has been a fixture in the top echelons of the Billboard 200 since its release last month, peaking at the 11th position as of December 9th. This achievement is a continuation of their remarkable performance on November 25th, where they clinched the 1st place, marking their fourth consecutive Billboard 200 top entry alongside their previous albums ‘ODDINARY,’ ‘MAXIDENT,’ and ‘★★★★★ (5-STAR).’

Not only has Stray Kids solidified their position on the Billboard 200, but they have also maintained a formidable presence on the ‘Artist 100’ chart. Holding the top position for four consecutive weeks, the group has reinforced their prominence in the global music industry. The album ‘Rock(樂)-STAR’ and its titular track have shown impressive versatility, charting across various categories, including topping the ‘World Albums’ and securing high rankings in ‘Top Album Sales,’ ‘Top Current Album Sales,’ ‘World Digital Song Sales,’ ‘Billboard Global 200,’ and ‘Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.).’

Stray Kids’ success isn’t confined to the Billboard charts. Their album ‘樂-STAR’ achieved the coveted status of a double million-seller, dominating both the Hanteo Chart’s weekly and monthly physical album charts, as well as the Circle Chart’s weekly and monthly retail album charts.

The group’s influence extends to streaming platforms like Spotify, where ‘樂-STAR’ rapidly surpassed 100 million streams, underlining their digital impact. In Spotify’s ‘2023 Wrapped,’ Stray Kids secured the 5th spot in the ‘Most-streamed K-pop Artist Top 10,’ 16th in the ‘2023 Top Groups,’ and 40th in ‘2023 Top Groups Canada,’ underscoring their position as a prominent force in the fourth generation of K-pop. These accolades not only celebrate their musical prowess but also highlight Stray Kids’ growing global influence in the music industry.

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