Stray Kids’ ‘ROCK-STAR’ Album Hits No. 1 on iTunes Globally

Stray Kids' Latest Release 'ROCK-STAR' Conquers iTunes Charts Around the World

Stray Kids' 'ROCK-STAR' Album Hits No. 1 on iTunes Globally


Stray Kids, the powerhouse act from JYP Entertainment, has taken the music world by storm with their 8th mini-album ‘ROCK-STAR,’ headlined by the spirited title track “LALALALA.” Upon its release on November 10, the album made an immediate impact, storming the iTunes charts in numerous countries.

The album’s international appeal was evident as it claimed the top spot on both the worldwide and European iTunes album charts, further cementing Stray Kids’ status as global K-pop representatives. The success didn’t stop there, as ‘ROCK-STAR’ also reigned supreme in the ‘Top Albums’ category in over 30 regions, demonstrating the group’s broad appeal and loyal fanbase.

The catchy and energetic single “LALALALA” paralleled the album’s success by securing the No. 1 position on the iTunes ‘Top Songs’ chart in an impressive 37 countries, spanning continents and capturing hearts from Argentina to Taiwan, Poland to Singapore, and many more.

Stray Kids’ ‘ROCK-STAR’ has not only dominated charts but also resonated with fans worldwide, signaling a new peak in their musical journey.

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