Stray Kids’ Felix Champions Philanthropy with Donations and Volunteer Work in Laos

Felix's Humanitarian Efforts Shine Through in Recent UNICEF Activities

Stray Kids' Felix Champions Philanthropy with Donations and Volunteer Work in Laos


Felix, a beloved member of the K-pop group Stray Kids, is making headlines not just for his musical talents but for his heartwarming humanitarian efforts. On February 7 KST, an inspiring photo of Felix in Laos, wearing a UNICEF T-shirt, surfaced online, highlighting his dedication to making a difference in the world.

Felix’s journey to Laos was part of his commitment to volunteer activities, choosing to spend his personal time aiding those in need. Despite the demands of his career as a globally recognized artist, Felix has consistently shown a deep-seated desire to contribute positively to the community, a sentiment he’s openly shared in Stray Kids‘ content.

His philanthropic journey is marked by a significant milestone: on January 4 KST, Felix made a substantial donation of 100 million won to the Korean Committee for UNICEF. This generous act not only earned him the title of the youngest member of the UNICEF Honors Club but also marked him as the first member in 2024 to achieve this distinction.

The donation by Felix was strategically allocated to support children in Laos, focusing on critical areas like clean water, sanitation, and nutrition. Laos faces significant challenges in these areas, with a mere 18% of its population having access to safe drinking water and a third of its infants and young children suffering from stunted growth due to malnutrition and inadequate hygiene practices.

In his heartfelt statement to the Korean Committee for UNICEF, Felix shared his motivation behind the donation, saying, “I wanted to share the love I’ve received by contributing to this cause. My hope is for the children of Laos to grow up healthy and thrive in a safer environment.”

Cho Mi Jin, the Secretary General of the Korean Committee for UNICEF, lauded Felix’s impactful actions, emphasizing their global resonance, particularly for children in dire need. Cho expressed profound gratitude for Felix’s compassionate initiative, noting it as a source of hope and encouragement for the children of Laos, especially as they step into the new year.

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