South Korea’s Catch The Young Unveils ‘Fragments of Odyssey’

Anticipating Catch The Young's New Mini-Album Release

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South Korea's Catch The Young Unveils 'Fragments of Odyssey'


South Korea’s burgeoning alternative rock scene is set to be invigorated with the release of Catch The Young’s new album, ‘Catch The Young: Fragments of Odyssey’, scheduled for release on April 3rd. This five-member band, comprising Sani, Jungmo, Kihoon, Namhyun, and Junyong, has already carved a niche in the music world with their unique sound and style.

‘Catch The Young: Fragments of Odyssey’ is the band’s second mini-album, following the success of their debut, ‘Catch The Young: Fragments of Youth’. This upcoming release boasts seven new tracks, promising a blend of introspective lyrics and dynamic rock melodies. Fans can look forward to songs like “Sentimental Journey“, “Voyager” (the title track), “The Legend“, “Always, Forever“, “About Us“, “1101“, and “Stay By My Side“.

One of the distinguishing features of this album is the active participation of band members in its creation. They have lent their talents not only to the performances but also to the songwriting and production processes, showcasing their multifaceted skills and deep involvement in their music.

The excitement for ‘Catch The Young: Fragments of Odyssey’ has been fueled by the recent release of solo video teasers for the lead single “Voyager”. These teasers have set the stage for what promises to be a compelling musical journey, hinting at the band’s evolved sound and artistic growth.

As Catch The Young steps into this new chapter with ‘Fragments of Odyssey’, they continue to push the boundaries of the South Korean alternative rock genre. This album is poised to be a significant milestone in their career, reflecting their journey and experiences in a captivating musical form. Fans and critics alike eagerly await the release, anticipating a blend of lyrical depth and innovative rock that has become synonymous with Catch The Young.

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