SHINee Hints At June Comeback With Gigantic Billboard Ad + Members Express Excitement


We can finally say it: SHINee’s back!

As SHINee gears up for their 15th anniversary fan meeting next weekend, they have seemingly announced their long-awaited group comeback in an unexpected way.

On May 21, an enormous new billboard advertisement appeared on the Megabox Seongsu movie theater in Seoul. The advertisement—a photo of which SHINee later posted on Instagram Stories along with the iconic intro from their hit song “Sherlock“—dramatically announces, “2023 JUNE, SHINee IS BACK.”

Taemin immediately reposted the story on his own individual Instagram account, while Minho excitedly shared photos of the billboard that he had personally taken himself.

Reposting SHINee’s story, Minho wrote, “I’ve only seen it from far away…. I need to go see it close up soon….” He then posted a photo from a bridge showing that the gigantic billboard was visible even across the Han River and wrote, “I see it!!!!!”

Minho also went on to post a more zoomed-in photo, adding in the caption, “I see SHINee!!!!! Our 15th anniversary is coming up soon!!!!!”

SHINee is currently expected to release their eighth full-length album in June, marking their first group comeback in over two years.



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