RIIZE Teams Up with Justin Bieber’s Choreographer for ‘Talk Saxy’ Performance

Behind the Scenes with RIIZE: Perfecting 'Talk Saxy' Choreography

RIIZE Teams Up with Justin Bieber's Choreographer for 'Talk Saxy' Performance


RIIZE, the dynamic act from SM Entertainment, is gearing up for an electrifying performance of their latest hit “Talk Saxy.” Fans are in for a treat as the group unveils their intense preparation process in the upcoming episode of “RISE & REALIZE,” set to premiere on RIIZE’s YouTube channel at 9 PM on November 8th.

In a special behind-the-scenes look, RIIZE takes us to Los Angeles where they met with J BLAZE, the illustrious choreographer known for his work with icons like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Under his expert tutelage, RIIZE hones the intricate moves of “Talk Saxy,” aiming to deliver a performance that’s as visually stunning as it is musically.

The members of RIIZE share their enthusiasm, “The choreography blew us away at first sight, and we’re eager to bring it to the stage. We’re confident it’ll be our best performance yet.” This episode is a testament to RIIZE’s dedication and evolving artistry.

RIIZE Teams Up with Justin Bieber's Choreographer for 'Talk Saxy' Performance

“Talk Saxy,” RIIZE’s single released on October 27th, has already made waves, clinching the top spot on the iTunes Top Songs chart and breaking into the top 10 across 16 regions globally. The track also dominated Japan’s AWA real-time rising chart and led the Korean music weekly chart on China’s QQ Music. RIIZE’s burgeoning reputation has garnered attention from prestigious platforms like the GRAMMYs, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and NME.

Don’t miss RIIZE’s performance of “Talk Saxy” on the November 9th broadcast of Mnet’s “M Countdown.”

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