RIIZE Shines with Trendsetting Fashion on ‘W Korea’ October Cover

RIIZE: Merging Edgy Street Fashion with 'Tiffany & Co.' Elegance in 'W Korea'

RIIZE Shines with Trendsetting Fashion on 'W Korea' October Cover


In a dazzling display of fashion-forward thinking, the rookie boy group RIIZE is set to grace the cover of the October edition of ‘W Korea’ magazine, showcasing their distinctive and contemporary styles that are capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts globally.

In this much-anticipated pictorial, RIIZE brilliantly combines the edgy aesthetics of street fashion with the timeless elegance of ‘Tiffany & Co.’ pieces. This fusion not only highlights their free-spirited vibes but also positions them as trendsetters in the fashion landscape, garnering widespread attention and admiration.

Adding to the excitement, RIIZE recently stepped into the music scene with a splash, marking their vibrant debut earlier this month on September 4. Their first single, ‘Get A Guitar’, has already started resonating with fans, setting a promising tone for their musical journey ahead.

As RIIZE continues to carve out their niche in both the music and fashion worlds, fans and aficionados alike are eagerly anticipating what the group will bring to the table next. Stay tuned for more updates on RIIZE’s evolving journey, where music meets fashion in the most harmonious way.

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