RIIZE Shatters Records with Debut Single “Get A Guitar”: A Global iTunes Triumph

SM Entertainment's RIIZE: Setting New Benchmarks in the K-pop World with "Get A Guitar"

RIIZE Shatters Records with Debut Single "Get A Guitar": A Global iTunes Triumph


SM Entertainment’s freshest addition, the boy group RIIZE, is making waves in the international music scene, showcasing a remarkable beginning that resonates globally. On the 4th of September, the group unveiled their debut single album “Get A Guitar”, a release that was met with immense anticipation and excitement. The title track, sharing the same name, has not only lived up to the expectations but has surpassed them, climbing swiftly to the pinnacle of iTunes charts in numerous countries worldwide.

Within a day of its release, by September 5, the electrifying single “Get A Guitar” had already clinched the number one spot on the iTunes Top Songs charts in no less than seven diverse regions globally. These regions encompass the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei. Moreover, the song has made a significant impact in 19 different regions, securing a place in the top 10 charts in countries including Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Chile, Bulgaria, and Taiwan.

RIIZE’s journey to stardom began even before their official debut, as they shattered records by becoming the fastest K-pop group to accumulate 1 million followers on Instagram. This meteoric rise was further cemented with over 1 million stock pre-orders for “Get A Guitar” prior to its release, setting a promising trajectory for the group’s future in the K-pop industry.

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