RIIZE Set for a Dynamic Comeback with a New Single in January

RIIZE's Quick Return: A New Chapter Begins

RIIZE Set for a Dynamic Comeback with a New Single in January


RIIZE, the vibrant new boy group under the renowned SM Entertainment, is gearing up for an exciting comeback with a brand new single, set to release on January 5 KST. This announcement has sparked a buzz in the music industry, as it comes only three months after their previous release, ‘Talk Saxy,’ in October. This rapid return highlights RIIZE’s ambition and commitment to making their mark in the competitive music world.

Having made a splash with their debut in September, RIIZE quickly captivated audiences with their debut tracks, “Memories” and “Get a Guitar.” The latter, in particular, gained notable attention for its catchy funky guitar beats, memorable melody, and distinctive choreography. The anticipation is high among fans, who are keen to see what innovative concept RIIZE will bring in their upcoming single.

Beyond the domestic front, RIIZE has been making waves internationally, demonstrating their rookie strength. The group has achieved remarkable feats such as topping China’s QQ Music Korean Music Weekly Chart and securing the number one spot on Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart. This international acclaim is a testament to their growing popularity and the global appeal of their music.

RIIZE’s impact as a promising new force in the music industry was further solidified with their recent achievements at major music award ceremonies. They clinched the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award at the ‘Melon Music Awards’ and were honored as the ‘Favorite New Artist’ at the MAMA. These accolades underscore their rising status and the potential they hold as a breakout group.

With their new single’s release on the horizon, RIIZE is poised to continue their trajectory of success and leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape. Fans and industry watchers alike are eagerly awaiting to see what RIIZE will unveil next, as they continue to evolve and redefine the boundaries of K-pop. Stay tuned for the unveiling of RIIZE’s new single, which promises to be a significant milestone in their burgeoning career.

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