Paul Kim Announces Release of Cherished Fin.K.L’s ‘White’ Cover

Paul Kim's Soulful Tribute to Fin.K.L's Classic

Paul Kim Announces Release of Cherished Fin.K.L's 'White' Cover


In the enchanting ambiance of his solo concert, ‘The Night Remains’, Paul Kim left fans spellbound with a heartfelt performance in Busan on December 2-3 KST. This event concluded his globally-acclaimed concert series that began in Seoul and journeyed through Taipei, Netherlands, Belgium, and New Zealand.

Paul Kim’s concerts are renowned for their emotionally resonant ballads, and his recent performances in Busan were no exception. His soul-stirring renditions provided a reflective space for fans, immersing them in the nostalgia of the year and the anticipation of the new one ahead. Amongst his captivating setlist, Paul Kim’s version of Fin.K.L’s timeless song “White” stood out. His heartfelt interpretation, which first gained prominence in a 2020 advertising campaign, has since become a fan-favorite.

Addressing his audience’s continued adoration for “White,” Paul Kim announced plans to officially release his rendition. This declaration was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from his fans, who have eagerly awaited this release. Grateful for the unwavering support, Paul Kim affirmed his commitment to engaging with his audience through his music in the coming year.

The announcement of ‘White’ as Paul Kim’s final release for 2023 has set the stage for a memorable end to the year. Fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of this winter ballad, with details about its release expected soon. This track promises to be a testament to Paul Kim’s artistry and a cherished addition to the winter playlist of K-pop enthusiasts.

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