P1Harmony’s Starry Night Charm in ‘Killin’ It’ Album Teaser

P1Harmony Illuminates the Night Sky in Anticipation of 'Killin' It'

P1Harmony's Starry Night Charm in 'Killin' It' Album Teaser


P1Harmony, the dynamic K-pop group, is gearing up for a grand release with their much-anticipated first full album ‘Killin’ It.’ As part of their exciting pre-release promotions, the group has unveiled a captivating new group teaser photo that resonates with their unique charisma.

At the stroke of midnight on January 24, KST, P1Harmony delighted fans by sharing a spellbinding group photo. The image, set against the enchanting backdrop of a starry night sky, showcases the members’ compelling presence and allure, hinting at the captivating music that lies ahead in their upcoming album.

The anticipation for ‘Killin’ It’ has been building, with fans eagerly awaiting both the digital and physical releases. The digital album is set to make its debut on February 5 at 6 PM KST, followed by the release of the physical album on February 7 KST. This new album marks a significant milestone in P1Harmony’s musical journey, promising to bring a fresh and dynamic sound to the K-pop scene.

P1Harmony’s latest teaser photo has not only heightened the excitement for their first full album but has also showcased the group’s evolving style and charisma. As the release date draws closer, the anticipation among fans and music enthusiasts continues to surge, with many eager to witness the new musical chapter that P1Harmony is set to unveil.

P1Harmony's Starry Night Charm in 'Killin' It' Album Teaser 002

P1Harmony's Starry Night Charm in 'Killin' It' Album Teaser 003


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