NMIXX Unveils Daring ‘Awaken’ Teasers for ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’ Mini Album

Delving into the Edgy Realm of NMIXX's 'Fe3O4: BREAK'

NMIXX Unveils Daring 'Awaken' Teasers for 'Fe3O4: BREAK' Mini Album


NMIXX is setting the stage for their bold return with the ‘Awaken’ version teaser photos for their upcoming 2nd mini album ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’. With a flair for the dramatic, the group has unleashed a series of individual images that delve deeper into the enigmatic narrative of their ongoing saga in the MIXXTOPIA universe.

Accompanying their latest comeback trailer “‘Fe3O4: BREAK’ TRAILER: SENSE BREAK AWAKE”, these images are not just teasers but a mosaic of hidden messages and glimpses into the new chapter that NMIXX is ready to present. Fans are invited to piece together the story, anticipating the full reveal of ‘Fe3O4’.

The mini album ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’ is a collection of more than just songs. Featuring the title track “DASH” and the mesmerizing pre-release single “Soñar (Breaker)”, it represents the next evolution of NMIXX’s artistry. Each track contributes to the overarching narrative of MIXXTOPIA, promising a musical and visual feast that continues to push the boundaries of K-pop.

Mark your calendars for the grand unveiling on January 15 at 6 PM KST, when ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’ is set to break the mold and transport fans to the vivid and ever-evolving world of NMIXX. Get ready to embark on this thrilling journey, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for all the nuanced details that NMIXX has intricately woven into their latest project.

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