NMIXX Returns with Enchanting “Party O’Clock” Music Video

NMIXX's Mystical Midsummer Party: "Party O'Clock"

NMIXX Returns with Enchanting "Party O'Clock" Music Video


NMIXX makes a captivating comeback with their new single “Party O’Clock”. Explore the mystical midsummer party in the forest through their music.

NMIXX is back on the music scene with a fresh release! On July 11, at 6 p.m. KST, NMIXX unveiled their single album “A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream”, accompanied by the music video for the title track “Party O’Clock”.

“Party O’Clock” is a pop track that showcases the broad vocal range of NMIXX. The song narrates the story of a mysterious party that takes place in a forest during midsummer, and the enchanting events that occur there.

Despite the title “Party O’Clock” suggesting a high-energy EDM track with fast tempos, the song surprisingly adopts a more relaxed ‘drum-and-bass-meets-house-beat’. This chill drum and bass music can be quite captivating, but it requires a smooth, slithery melody to match its vibe. “Party O’Clock” manages to balance these elements, creating an intriguing listening experience.

The track is filled with chanted sing-talk, which might seem overwhelming at first, but it grows on you as you listen more. The second half of the chorus is particularly catchy with its “mingling mingling” hook. There are moments of vocal brilliance that shine through, making the song a unique addition to NMIXX’s discography.

Experience the magic of NMIXX’s midsummer party by checking out the music video for “Party O’Clock” below.

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