NewJeans’ “Super Shy” Marks a Milestone on the UK’s Official Singles Chart

A Remarkable Journey: "Super Shy" Joins the Ranks of Long-Charting K-Pop Girl Group Songs in the UK

NewJeans' "Super Shy" Marks a Milestone on the UK's Official Singles Chart


NewJeans‘ sensational track “Super Shy” continues to make waves in the United Kingdom, showcasing the enduring appeal of K-pop girl group music on a global scale. The song has firmly held its position on the UK’s Official Singles Chart, a testament to its widespread popularity and musical prowess.

On September 8, the UK’s Official Charts, a prestigious platform often likened to the U.S. Billboard charts, highlighted the sustained success of “Super Shy”. The hit single has maintained a presence on the Official Singles Chart for an impressive nine consecutive weeks, marking a significant milestone in the K-pop industry.

During the week spanning from September 7 to 13, “Super Shy” demonstrated its staying power by securing a spot at number 99 on the chart. Although it previously reached its peak at number 52, the song’s consistent performance is a clear indication of its ongoing resonance with audiences.

This achievement is not just a victory for NewJeans but also a notable moment in the history of K-pop girl group music. “Super Shy” has become only the third song from a K-pop girl group to enjoy a nine-week stint on the Official Singles Chart. This places it in the esteemed company of previous hits like BLACKPINK and Dua Lipa’s 2018 collaboration “Kiss and Make Up”, as well as FIFTY FIFTY’s recent chart-topping track “Cupid.

As NewJeans celebrates this remarkable milestone, fans and music enthusiasts alike are keen to see what the future holds for this promising group. With a track record of delivering hits that resonate globally, the sky seems to be the limit for NewJeans.

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