NewJeans’ Chart-Topping Journey on U.S. Billboard

The Remarkable Rise of NewJeans in the International Music Scene

NewJeans' Chart-Topping Journey on U.S. Billboard


In a dazzling display of musical prowess, the K-Pop girl group NewJeans has etched their name in the annals of music history by tying the record for the longest-running presence on the U.S. Billboard main album chart. As revealed in the latest U.S. Billboard chart, dated January 27, NewJeans’ second EP ‘Get Up’ clinched the 197th spot. This chart-topping journey began on August 5, when ‘Get Up’ debuted at number 1 and remarkably sustained its presence for 26 consecutive weeks.

This monumental achievement not only cements NewJeans’ position as the longest-standing 4th generation K-pop group on the Billboard 200 chart but also sets them as the longest-running K-pop girl group in the chart’s history. This record-breaking feat is especially significant considering it comes just a year and a half after their debut, underlining their meteoric rise in the global music arena.

Their hit track “Super Shy”, from the ‘Get Up’ EP, continues to resonate globally, securing the 79th position on the ‘Global (excluding the US)’ chart and the 121st on the ‘Global 200’, marking its 28th consecutive week on these charts. Another standout track from the EP, “ETA”, also made its mark by achieving the 154th position on the ‘Global (excluding the US)’ chart.

The group’s previous hits have also continued to captivate audiences worldwide. Their 2023 smash hit “Ditto” is currently positioned at 184th on the ‘Global 200’ and 94th on the ‘Global (excluding the United States)’ chart, demonstrating a lasting appeal over 57 weeks. Additionally, “OMG” has made impressive strides by ranking 93rd and 179th on the ‘Global (excluding the United States)’ and ‘Global 200’ charts, respectively.

NewJeans’ journey on the U.S. Billboard chart is more than just a record; it’s a testament to their growing global influence and a clear indicator of their dominance in the international music scene.

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