NCT’s TEN Gears Up for His Inaugural Solo Album Release

TEN's Musical Odyssey: Anticipating His First Solo Venture

NCT's TEN Gears Up for His Inaugural Solo Album Release


NCT’s TEN is making waves in the music industry with the exciting news of his first official solo album release, as reported exclusively on January 4 KST. The anticipation is building as TEN finalizes the preparations for this landmark release, scheduled to grace the music scene in February.

While TEN has delighted fans over the years with various individual projects under ‘SM Station’ and ‘NCT LAB’, this upcoming release marks a significant milestone as his first official solo album. The announcement has ignited excitement among fans, who are eager to see TEN’s evolution as an artist and the new dimensions he will bring to his music.

As preparations are underway, fans can look forward to a rich promotional landscape, including captivating music show stages that promise to spotlight TEN’s dynamic performance style and musicality. This solo endeavor follows the successful release of fellow NCT member Taeyong’s first mini album ‘SHALALA’ in June of 2023, further highlighting the individual talents within the group.

SM Entertainment, the powerhouse behind NCT, has confirmed the news, assuring fans of an unforgettable musical journey with TEN’s upcoming album. As February approaches, the excitement continues to mount. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned and ready themselves for an album that promises to showcase TEN’s unique artistry and mark a new chapter in his career. Keep an eye out for more updates and get ready to support TEN in his solo venture.

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