NCT’s TEN Announces Debut Solo Mini Album

Unveiling TEN's Solo Journey

NCT's TEN Announces Debut Solo Mini Album


NCT’s TEN has unveiled an exciting schedule poster for his first-ever solo mini album. As the anticipation builds, TEN’s debut as a solo artist marks a significant milestone in his career, promising a unique musical journey for fans worldwide.

In a strikingly designed poster, fans got a first look at what to expect from the mini album, creatively titled ‘TEN.’ The poster features TEN navigating a vibrant, neon-lit square, hinting at the dynamic and visually captivating themes of the album. This sneak peek has certainly set the stage for what’s to come, fueling fan excitement.

Scheduled for release on February 13 at 6 PM KST, this mini album is not just a new chapter for TEN but also a much-anticipated event in the K-Pop calendar for 2024. The build-up to the album drop includes a series of photo and video teasers, each designed to give fans a taste of TEN’s artistic vision and the musical direction of his solo endeavor.

NCT's TEN Announces Debut Solo Mini Album

TEN’s journey as a member of NCT has been marked by remarkable achievements and significant contributions to the group’s diverse discography. Now, stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, TEN is set to showcase his individual style and talent. The mini album ‘TEN’ is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a manifestation of his artistic identity and a testament to his growth as an artist.

As we count down to the album release, the excitement within the NCT fandom and the broader K-Pop community is palpable. TEN’s solo mini album is not only a pivotal moment for him but also a celebration of the evolving and ever-dynamic world of K-Pop. Stay tuned for more updates as TEN embarks on this thrilling solo journey.

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