NCT WISH: The Exciting Teaser Reveal for Their Anticipated Debut

NCT's New Japanese Unit NCT WISH: Captivating Teasers Unveiled

NCT WISH: The Exciting Teaser Reveal for Their Anticipated Debut


NCT’s newest unit, NCT WISH, has stirred excitement within the K-pop community with the release of new teaser photos titled ‘WISH for Our WISH.’ These images mark a significant moment in the group’s journey towards their highly anticipated debut.

Released by SM Entertainment on January 18 at midnight KST, these teasers provide a first look at the fresh and youthful vibe of NCT WISH. Showcasing their boyish charm, the group has already begun captivating fans and building anticipation for their upcoming debut.

NCT WISH, a Japanese boy group, comprises members Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jaehee, Ryo, and Sakuya. The group made waves in the music scene with the release of their pre-debut single “Hands Up” in October 2023, setting the stage for their official entry into the industry. Managed collaboratively by SM Entertainment and Avex Trax, NCT WISH is poised to bring a unique flavor to the K-pop landscape.

In the lead-up to their debut, fans can look forward to a series of teaser content from NCT WISH, promising to showcase more of the group’s dynamic talent and personality.

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