NCT 127’s ‘Fact Check’ Album Skyrockets on Global iTunes Charts

Global Recognition: 'Fact Check' Album by NCT 127 Dominates iTunes Charts in 14 Countries

NCT 127’s 'Fact Check' Album Skyrockets on Global iTunes Charts


NCT 127 continues to capture the hearts of international music fans as their newly released album, ‘Fact Check’, swiftly climbs to the top of iTunes charts in various countries worldwide. The album has garnered immediate success and widespread acclaim, reflecting the group’s growing global influence and the album’s captivating sound.

Upon its global release, ‘Fact Check’ didn’t waste time in making its presence felt on the international music scene. The album impressively secured the No.1 position on iTunes’ top song charts in a total of 14 countries. These countries span different continents, including notable mentions like Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam, as recorded on October 7 KST.

This achievement highlights NCT 127’s significant international appeal and the global music community’s enthusiastic reception to ‘Fact Check’. The album’s immediate ascent on the iTunes charts is a testament to NCT 127’s consistent ability to release music that resonates with audiences worldwide, further establishing them as a powerhouse in the global music industry.

Fans and music enthusiasts have expressed their excitement and support for ‘Fact Check’, with many praising the album’s unique sound, engaging tracks, and the group’s outstanding performance. As ‘Fact Check’ continues to receive international love and support, it is expected to achieve more milestones and set new records in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates on NCT 127’s ongoing success with their latest release!

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