MAMAMOO’s Wheein Gears Up for a Grand Solo Comeback with First Full Album this October

Wheein to Showcase a Novel Concept in Her Upcoming Full-Length Solo Album

MAMAMOO's Wheein Gears Up for a Grand Solo Comeback with First Full Album this October


Fans of MAMAMOO‘s Wheein have a reason to rejoice as the artist is gearing up for a grand comeback this October. The announcement came directly from Wheein during her stint as a special DJ on the popular KBS Cool FM radio show “Volume Up”, where she has been engaging listeners for the past two weeks.

During one of the broadcasts, Wheein couldn’t contain her excitement and decided to spill the beans about her upcoming project. She teased listeners with a comeback spoiler, eventually revealing the much-awaited date: October 12. This revelation has undoubtedly sent waves of excitement among her fan base, eagerly awaiting to witness her new musical journey.

Adding to the excitement, THE L1VE, Wheein’s agency, confirmed the news the next morning, stating that Wheein is in the final stages of preparing her first-ever full-length solo album. This album marks a significant milestone in her career, showcasing a brand-new concept that she has never explored before. The agency emphasized Wheein’s active involvement in the creation of the album, hinting at a broader musical spectrum and a rich array of emotions encapsulated in the tracks.

Wheein’s dedication and hard work in crafting this album are evident, as she has been deeply involved in its creation, contributing significantly to its content. Fans can anticipate a delightful experience that showcases Wheein’s charming voice and a diverse range of emotions through the songs in the album.

THE L1VE further mentioned that the upcoming album aims to captivate the audience with a fresh and different concept, something Wheein has not ventured into before. The agency encourages fans to shower the album with anticipation and love, as Wheein has invested a considerable amount of time preparing for this significant release. Stay tuned for a musical treat that promises to be a feast for both the eyes and ears, coming this October.

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