MAMAMOO’s Whee In Embarks on Cosmic Journey in ‘IN the Mood’ Teaser Images

Whee In Explores Space in Teasers for First Solo Album 'IN the Mood'

MAMAMOO’s Whee In Embarks on Cosmic Journey in 'IN the Mood' Teaser Images


MAMAMOO’s Whee In has unveiled a set of captivating teaser images for her upcoming first full solo album, ‘IN the Mood’. The images present Whee In in a cosmic setting, complete with a goldfish and a futuristic space suit, offering fans a glimpse into the unique concept of the album.

The space-themed teaser images set the stage for an album that promises to be out of this world. With Whee In donning a space suit and posing with a goldfish, the teasers hint at a whimsical and futuristic concept that is sure to capture the imagination of fans.

As the release date approaches, anticipation for ‘IN the Mood’ continues to skyrocket. The album marks Whee In’s first full solo project, making it a milestone release for the MAMAMOO member. Fans should brace themselves for a sonic adventure as ‘IN the Mood’ is set to land on October 12 KST, offering a musical experience that is as intriguing and mesmerizing as the teaser images suggest.

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