Lee Junho Serenades the Season with ‘Nothing But You (Korean Ver.)’

Lee Junho's Wintery Melody: 'Nothing But You' Warms Hearts

Lee Junho Serenades the Season with 'Nothing But You (Korean Ver.)'


Lee Junho, known for his evocative vocal style, is set to release the heartfelt digital single ‘Nothing But You (Korean Ver.)’ on November 29. This track is more than just a single; it’s a winter serenade that brings a snug, cozy atmosphere to K-pop fans. ‘Nothing But You’ originates from the soundtrack of the beloved Japanese film ‘Rose and Tulip’, starring Junho, and has been adapted into Korean to deepen the connection with his audience.

The song is a testament to Junho’s versatility as an artist, being both the writer and composer of this R&B ballad. It demonstrates his innate musical talent and a keen sense of emotion, as he delivers sincere lyrics wrapped in a heartwarming melody. This release, following the success of ‘Can I (Korean Ver.)’, also marks another collaboration with esteemed K-pop composer Hong Ji Sang.

Fans can anticipate the digital drop of ‘Nothing But You (Korean Ver.)’ across various music platforms at 6 PM KST on November 29, promising a melodious retreat into Junho’s artistry during the winter season.

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