LE SSERAFIM Unveils Tracklist for Their Third Mini Album ‘EASY’

Anticipation Rises for LE SSERAFIM's Latest Musical Offering 'EASY'

LE SSERAFIM Unveils Tracklist for Their Third Mini Album 'EASY'


LE SSERAFIM, the sensational K-pop girl group, has once again caught the attention of the music world with the release of their track list for their much-anticipated mini album, ‘EASY. This latest reveal has heightened the excitement among fans and music enthusiasts alike, as they eagerly await the album’s release.

The teaser image for ‘EASY’ presents a minimalist, white concept that beautifully complements the intriguing titles of the tracks. The album boasts a diverse lineup of songs, including the melodically rich “Good Bones”, the captivating title song “EASY”, the soulful “Swan Song”, the upbeat “Smart”, and the heartfelt “We Got So Much”. Each track promises to showcase LE SSERAFIM’s unique musical style and vocal prowess.

‘EASY’ marks the group’s third mini album, scheduled to be released on February 19 KST. This upcoming album is set to be a significant addition to LE SSERAFIM’s growing discography, reflecting their artistic growth and versatility.

Take a moment to delve into LE SSERAFIM’s track list below, and immerse yourself in the anticipation of what promises to be a compelling musical journey with ‘EASY’.

LE SSERAFIM Unveils Tracklist for Their Third Mini Album 'EASY' 002

As the release date approaches, the excitement surrounding ‘EASY’ continues to build. Fans are eagerly waiting to experience the new sounds and stories that LE SSERAFIM will bring with this latest mini album. Stay tuned for an enriching musical experience that ‘EASY’ is sure to offer.

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