LE SSERAFIM Unveils Rock-Inspired Track Sampler for Upcoming ‘EASY’ Album

LE SSERAFIM Unveils Rock-Inspired Track Sampler for Upcoming 'EASY' Album


Embracing the raw energy of rock music, LE SSERAFIM has delighted fans with a new track sampler for their highly anticipated 3rd mini album, titled ‘EASY.’ In a surprising twist, the popular K-pop girl group is venturing into a more electrifying musical territory.

On the brisk morning of February 7, at the stroke of midnight KST, the air was charged with excitement as LE SSERAFIM dropped a riveting sneak peek of their upcoming track. Fans were treated to an intense audio-visual experience that perfectly encapsulated the song’s essence with the powerful phrase, “I’ll continue to embrace the beauty within imperfection. My determination and dreams know no bounds.”

The snippet, characterized by its dynamic rock sound, marks a bold departure from the group’s previous styles, showcasing their versatility and artistic growth. This latest offering hints at a tracklist that promises to be both diverse and captivating, stirring immense curiosity among their audience.

Anticipation is building as the countdown to ‘EASY’ ticks closer, with the album’s official release slated for February 19 at 6 PM KST. This mini album signifies more than just a new musical chapter for LE SSERAFIM; it represents a daring foray into uncharted sonic landscapes, further cementing their place in the ever-evolving world of K-pop.

As LE SSERAFIM continues to push the boundaries of their music, the upcoming album ‘EASY’ is poised to be a testament to their artistic evolution and a treat for fans eagerly awaiting new dimensions of their sound.

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