LE SSERAFIM Shines in ‘EASY’ Teaser Photos

Captivating Imagery for LE SSERAFIM's Mini Album

LE SSERAFIM Shines in 'EASY' Teaser Photos


In a striking display of visual storytelling, LE SSERAFIM has captivated fans with their latest teaser photos for the upcoming 3rd mini-album, ‘EASY.’ Released on January 30 at midnight KST, these images showcase the group’s enchanting beauty and artistic depth, set against the mysterious backdrop of a dark forest.

Each photo in this series reveals a piece of the narrative LE SSERAFIM aims to weave through their album. The dark forest setting not only adds a layer of mystique but also compliments the group’s unique style and charisma. These teasers serve as a perfect prelude to the album, heightening anticipation and curiosity among fans worldwide.

The excitement for ‘EASY’ continues to build as the release date approaches. Scheduled to drop on February 19 at 6 PM KST, this 3rd mini-album from LE SSERAFIM is expected to be a significant addition to their musical portfolio, showcasing their evolution as artists and performers.

As we inch closer to the album release, these teaser photos keep the momentum going, offering glimpses into the creative and aesthetic direction of ‘EASY.’ The attention to detail in these images reflects LE SSERAFIM’s commitment to delivering a holistic and immersive musical experience. Stay tuned as we await the unveiling of what promises to be a captivating and transformative mini-album.

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