LE SSERAFIM Radiates in Latest Teasers for ‘EASY’

Unveiling a New Era of Style and Charisma

LE SSERAFIM Radiates in Latest Teasers for 'EASY'


LE SSERAFIM continues to redefine style and charisma with their latest concept photos for the much-anticipated mini-album ‘EASY. Unveiled on January 31 at midnight KST, these photos showcase the group’s dynamic blend of hip and charismatic elements, setting a new standard in visual presentation. Each image radiates with a distinct facet of their charm, promising a fresh and dynamic experience in their upcoming release.

The anticipation for ‘EASY’, set to drop on February 19 at 6 PM KST, is building up as fans eagerly await what promises to be an album filled with innovation and allure. LE SSERAFIM’s latest teasers are a testament to their evolving artistry and the unique place they hold in the K-pop landscape.

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