KISS OF LIFE Triumphs at the ’31st Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards’

KISS OF LIFE's Ascension in K-POP

KISS OF LIFE Triumphs at the '31st Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards'


The ’31st Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards’ was a momentous occasion for the emerging K-POP group KISS OF LIFE. Held in the Grand Ballroom of the 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul, the ceremony saw the group clinch the prestigious Best New Artist award in the K-POP category on November 30. Their journey to this accolade has been marked by their impressive skills, dynamic music, and vibrant performances, quickly establishing them as a notable force in the new generation of girl groups.

KISS OF LIFE Triumphs at the '31st Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards'

KISS OF LIFE expressed heartfelt gratitude for this significant milestone, their first Best New Artist award. “Receiving such a prestigious award, which can only be won once after debut, is a true honor,” they said. The group credited their fans, affectionately known as KISSY, and their agency family for their support and promised continued growth and hard work in their future endeavors.

Since their debut in July, KISS OF LIFE has been turning heads in the K-POP industry. Their second mini-album, ‘Born to be XX,’ showcased exceptional performances that resonated with fans globally. Their initial album sales have surged remarkably, indicating their rising status as ‘monster rookies’ in 2023.

The Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards is a renowned ceremony that celebrates excellence across various artistic fields. Since 1992, it has been honoring outstanding achievements in culture, drama, film, music, comedy, and more. This year marked the 31st anniversary of the awards, continuing its tradition of recognizing the best talents in the arts.

In addition to their recent accolade, KISS OF LIFE is scheduled to perform at the MMA2023 (Melon Music Awards) on December 2 at the Inspire Arena in Yeongjongdo, Incheon, further showcasing their talents on a prestigious stage.

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