KINO Sets the Stage with “Fashion Style” Single Debut

KINO Unveils Chic New Single "Fashion Style" from NAKED Label

KINO Sets the Stage with "Fashion Style" Single Debut


Mark your calendars for January 8, 6 PM KST, as KINO is all set to enchant the music scene with his first-ever single “Fashion Style” under his own label, NAKED. The anticipation builds as the teaser, featuring KINO in a series of dynamic and stylish outfits captured through a vintage camcorder, hints at the visual and musical feast that awaits. The teaser not only showcases KINO’s diverse fashion sense but also teases the melody line of “Fashion Style,” encouraging listeners to embrace their true selves and reject the notion of conforming to someone else’s standards.

The single’s message resonates with authenticity and individuality, themes that are already generating buzz among fans, especially after a snippet was revealed at the exclusive fan private listening party “Private Session.” The official release is expected to elevate the hype, setting a high bar for what promises to be a track that combines style, substance, and a significant message.

In the meantime, KINO continues to engage with his fans globally, having recently wrapped up his Christmas special live ‘KINO’s Housewarming Party – Christmas Live & Talk’ in Tokyo, Japan. He is also preparing to meet his audience in Seoul with his first live event, ‘Born Naked,’ on January 27, adding another layer of excitement for what’s shaping up to be a busy and thrilling start to the new year for KINO.

As “Fashion Style” gears up for release, it stands as a testament to KINO’s artistic vision and commitment to creating music that inspires and connects. With its imminent drop, fans are eager to dive into the world of “Fashion Style,” ready to celebrate their individuality and KINO’s artistic evolution. Keep an eye out for this stylish anthem that is set to make a mark both in the world of fashion and music.

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