Key from SHINee Dominates Global iTunes Charts with “Good & Great”: A Record-Breaking Comeback

SHINee's Key Shatters First-Day Sales Records with His Latest Mini Album "Good & Great"

Key from SHINee Dominates Global iTunes Charts with "Good & Great": A Record-Breaking Comeback


SHINee‘s Key is back, and he’s making waves in the music industry with his latest solo endeavor. The much-anticipated comeback has not only captivated fans but also dominated iTunes charts across various regions, setting a new benchmark in Key’s musical journey.

On September 11, at 6 p.m. KST, the world witnessed the grand return of Key as he unveiled his new mini album titled “Good & Great”, accompanied by a title track bearing the same name. The release was met with an overwhelming response, catapulting to the pinnacle of iTunes charts in numerous countries almost instantly.

SM Entertainment revealed that by the morning of September 12, the “Good & Great” album had already secured the top position on the iTunes Top Albums charts in an impressive tally of 34 regions. This includes a diverse range of countries such as Japan, Australia, Sweden, and Brazil, extending to others like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and New Zealand, showcasing its global appeal and the widespread admiration for Key’s musical prowess.

But the accolades don’t just end with chart-topping positions. The Hanteo Chart reported a remarkable surge in the first-day sales of the album, recording a total of 47,500 copies sold. This figure effortlessly surpasses Key’s previous first-week sales record, which was set at 29,604 copies with his last album “Gasoline”. This significant leap not only marks a personal best for Key but also signifies the growing anticipation and reception of his solo projects.

As the “Good & Great” album continues to resonate with fans globally, it stands as a testament to Key’s evolving artistry and his ability to craft music that transcends borders. This new chapter in his solo career is not just a celebration of his musical evolution but also a promise of the greater heights he is yet to achieve. Keep an eye out as Key continues to redefine his musical landscape with this promising start, hinting at more success and milestones in the near future.

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