K-Pop Sensation ZEROBASEONE Shatters Records with Debut Album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” Pre-Orders

ZEROBASEONE Takes the K-Pop World by Storm: Record-Breaking Pre-Orders for Debut Album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE”

K-Pop Sensation ZEROBASEONE Shatters Records with Debut Album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” Pre-Orders


Upcoming K-pop group ZEROBASEONE sets a new record for the highest stock pre-orders for a debut album in K-pop history, signaling a promising start.

Emerging K-pop group ZEROBASEONE is already making waves in the music industry even before their official debut. The group, born out of the “Boys Planet” show, is setting records with their debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE.”

On June 26, Genie Music, the album distributor, reported that ZEROBASEONE’s highly-anticipated debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” had amassed over 780,000 stock pre-orders in a mere five days. This staggering number has catapulted ZEROBASEONE to a record-breaking position, as they now hold the title for the highest number of stock pre-orders for any K-pop group’s debut album in history.

Stock pre-orders represent the quantity of album stock produced before the album’s official release. This figure is an estimate of the demand, calculated based on various factors, including the number of albums pre-ordered by fans.

But that’s not all. ZEROBASEONE has also demonstrated their burgeoning popularity on social media. The group surpassed 1 million followers on their official Instagram account just six days after its creation, becoming the fastest K-pop group to achieve this milestone.

ZEROBASEONE, a nine-member project group formed through the Mnet survival show “Boys Planet,” is slated to make their official debut on July 10 at 6 p.m. KST with the release of their mini-album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE.”

With such an electrifying start, ZEROBASEONE is poised to be a formidable force in the K-pop industry. Fans are eagerly awaiting the group’s debut, anticipating the fresh and innovative music that ZEROBASEONE will bring to the table.

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