Junsu Joins Jaejoong for the 2023 Finale of ‘Jaefriends’ on YouTube

A Reunion of Legends: Junsu and Jaejoong Celebrate Two Decades of Friendship on 'Jaefriends'

Junsu Joins Jaejoong for the 2023 Finale of 'Jaefriends' on YouTube


In a momentous finale to its 2023 season, ‘Jaefriends’, the popular YouTube series hosted by singer and actor Jaejoong, is set to feature an extraordinary guest – Junsu, Jaejoong’s longtime friend and former group mate of two decades. This special episode is not just a regular feature; it’s a celebration of friendship, music, and shared history in the K-pop industry.

‘Jaefriends’, known for its relaxed and intimate format, has become a fan favorite. Each episode, Jaejoong, a versatile and beloved figure in the entertainment world, hosts different guests, ranging from 2nd to 4th generation K-pop idols. What sets this show apart is Jaejoong’s personal touch – he prepares food for his guests, creating a warm, homely atmosphere that encourages open and heartfelt conversations.

The announcement of Junsu as the final guest for the 2023 season has created a buzz among fans. This episode is more than a casual talk show; it’s a nostalgic journey down memory lane, commemorating the enduring bond between Jaejoong and Junsu. Their reunion on ‘Jaefriends’ is a testament to their lasting friendship and shared experiences in the ever-evolving world of K-pop.

While this episode marks the end of ‘Jaefriends’ for 2023, fans have much to look forward to, as the show promises to return with more engaging content in 2024. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to catch Junsu on ‘Jaefriends’, airing on December 7 at 6 PM KST. It’s not just an episode; it’s a celebration of K-pop, camaraderie, and the journey of two legendary artists.

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