Jungkook’s Solo Triumph: Charting New Heights with ‘GOLDEN’

'GOLDEN' by BTS' Jungkook Continues Its Billboard 200 Journey

Jungkook's Solo Triumph: Charting New Heights with 'GOLDEN'


BTS‘ Jungkook has been making waves in the music industry with his remarkable solo album ‘GOLDEN. His continuous presence on the Billboard charts is a testament to the album’s enduring popularity and his musical prowess. Recently, ‘GOLDEN’ secured the 58th spot on the Billboard 200, marking its 12th consecutive week on the chart. This achievement sets a new record for the longest-charting album by a K-pop solo artist in this category.

The album’s lead single, “Standing Next to You”, also showed impressive performance, climbing two spots to rank 85th on the ‘Hot 100’. This track, like the album, has enjoyed a 12-week run on the chart, further solidifying Jungkook’s impact on the global music scene.

Interestingly, older BTS albums like ‘DARK&WILD’ and ‘Skool Luv Affair’ have also been gaining attention on the charts. ‘DARK&WILD’, released back in August 2014, made a surprising entry into the ‘Top Album Sales’ chart, while ‘Skool Luv Affair’ re-entered the same chart.

Jungkook’s success extends beyond the US charts. His presence is strongly felt in the ‘Global 200’ and ‘Global (excluding the United States)’ charts with tracks like “Standing Next to You”, “Seven (feat. Latto)”, and “3D (feat. Jack Harlow)”. Meanwhile, Jimin’s solo work from his album ‘FACE’ is also making a mark on these global charts.

The continued chart success of BTS members, both as a group and individually, highlights their global influence and the growing reach of K-pop music. Their ability to resonate with a worldwide audience underscores the genre’s dynamic and evolving nature.


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