Jungkook of BTS Skyrockets on Global Music Charts with Single “3D”

“3D” Featuring Jack Harlow Takes Over iTunes and Oricon, Debuts Strong on Spotify

Jungkook of BTS Skyrockets on Global Music Charts with Single “3D”


Jungkook from the globally acclaimed group BTS is making waves in the international music scene with his most recent single, “3D”. Released at 1 p.m. KST on September 29, the track, which features Jack Harlow, swiftly climbed to the pinnacle of iTunes charts in over a hundred regions worldwide.

On the subsequent day, Oricon, the esteemed music chart in Japan, officially declared that “3D” had secured the top spot on its daily digital singles chart for September 29. This announcement further cemented Jungkook’s status as a significant global music influencer.

Adding to the accolades, “3D” also marked a notable debut on Spotify’s Global Top Songs chart, landing at number three. The single amassed a whopping 6,328,084 filtered streams solely on its initial day of release, underscoring its widespread appeal and the immense anticipation it had generated among fans and music enthusiasts alike.

With its infectious melody and compelling features, “3D” continues to garner attention and acclaim from the global audience, affirming Jungkook’s and BTS’s enduring impact on the international music landscape.

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