Jimin of BTS Sends Warm Lunar New Year Greetings to ARMY

BTS’ Jimin Shares Heartfelt New Year Wishes with Fans

Jimin of BTS Sends Warm Lunar New Year Greetings to ARMY


In a gesture that highlights the close bond between BTS and their fans, Jimin extended heartfelt New Year greetings for the Lunar New Year. On February 10, Jimin took to Weverse, a global fan platform, to share his wishes, expressing, “This is ARMY’s Lunar New year! I hope you have a happy Lunar New Year. Don’t get sick, and be happy this year.”

In his message, Jimin also brought up fellow BTS member Jungkook, reassuring fans about their well-being. He said, “Jungkook and I are doing well, so don’t worry too much. I’ll come back again! Eat a lot of delicious food, and don’t diet today.” This thoughtful update comes as a reassurance to ARMYs worldwide who have been keenly following the members’ activities.

Jimin and Jungkook have been serving their mandatory military duties together since completing their 5 weeks of basic training at the Army’s 5th Infantry Division on January 17 KST. They are currently stationed in the army’s 5th division, continuing their service. This update from Jimin not only bridges the distance between BTS and their global fanbase but also provides a glimpse into the lives of the members during their military service.

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